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Mustangs @ Pueblo

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WNMU had a week off, which may be good may be bad, we won’t know really until Saturday about 5 p.m. The Mustangs played well once again at DI San Diego but gave up too many big plays in their 3 point loss. That’s got to stop if the Stangs want to have a chance to beat #5 Pueblo on the road in both team’s RMAC opener. Not just because Pueblo is good but because Pueblo is a big play offense this year.

Looking at Pueblo’s 2 games this season the offense has 2 scoring plays over 50 yards, both passes and in 4 other scoring drives they had a play of over 40 yards on each drive. In the game against Angelo State last weekend they had 553 yards net offense. The T-Wolves got 380 yards on 6 plays; passes of 64, 68, 84 and runs of 46, 63 and 55. Amazingly, they were stopped a couple of time in the red zone or held to a FG after recovering an ASU fumble inside the 20. 2 of their scores last week were on 80+ yard interception returns, so the defense is also a big play defense.

Cameron McDondle, 5-9 185 So, is the leading rusher averaging 8.2 yards per carry and 119 a game this season, but once again, it’s coming on 2-3 plays a game. He can be dropped for a loss or stopped at the line. The Mustangs will have to be more physical up front with Avina stuffing the middle and the ends/outside linebackers getting contain. Otherwise he’ll be able to break free for big runs once again and you know what it doesn’t matter if he gets the yards in one run or twenty, he gets them and the scores.

Chris Bonner is the signal caller for the Wolves. He’s a JC transfer from Grossmont and at 6-7 225 lbs stands out in the backfield. He’s been average so far this year hitting only 54% of his passes for 278 yards a game, 5 TDs and 2 INTs. Granted the O-line is new this year having lost a tackle and a guard to the NFL which has hurt consistency in both the running and passing game. Get pressure on Bonner and he’ll make mistakes. But give him time and he’ll complete it deep. Watch for the Mustangs to be a little less complicated in their scheme this week as Coach Clark believes we have the talent so why not let them use their ability a bit more and limit some mental errors.

CSUP doesn’t have a wide receiver in the top 15 in the RMAC stats and only has one in the top 30, Chris Brown. At 6-3 222 lbs, the JR is a big target and is talented but draws a lot of double coverage. Last year his big game was against Ft. Lewis with 2 catches for 69 yards. He has 9 catches this year for 261 yards but once again almost 130 have come on just 2 plays. The Mustang DBs will have to play up tight and stay in position to keep him from having a big day. He’s going to have 4-5 inches on anyone we put in the backfield but he won’t be able to outrun Bright, Johnwell, Cook, Hathorne or any of the other DBs that will see time.

On defense, the T-Wolves tend to run a 4-3 which gave the Stangs a bit of trouble last week, especially when USD brought 7-8 into the box, which Pueblo will do also.

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