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Mustangs revert to form

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Once again we had technical difficulties in the broadcast; after the Mustang’s opening TD the video feed from TAMUK went haywire. We couldn’t make the trip to Kingsville due to other commitments and couldn’t get the feed back.

Western New Mexico got off to a great start forcing a fumble on Kingsville’s first possession of the game after it looked like they were going to start putting a drive together. The Mustangs then came out with a little trick play as Rodney Lawson took the handoff and threw a pass to Matt Hommell for a 64 yard gain that set up a Mustang touchdown run by DeAndre Williams. That said up the Mustangs for the potential to get a big upset.

While the defense was able to create for total turnovers, two interceptions and two fumble recoveries, the offense was unable to consistently move the ball. Certainly they put together some good drives and DeAndre Williams came up with some big runs that we haven’t seen from him this season. In fact he averaged almost 6 yards per carry on only 15 carries. But there were so many fumbles by Mustang ball handlers which we recovered. In looking at the official stats they had us as to fumbles but none recovered by the Javalinas. If you look at the play-by-play there were more fumbles than that along with some untimely penalties.

It’s difficult to assess what was going on in some of those drives. But certainly Western New Mexico had a chance to take all of the momentum into halftime getting the ball inside Kingsville’s 5 yard line 1st and goal with plenty of time to run three plays. However the Mustangs came away with zero points and a three point lead. That really put the momentum into the home teams side of the field.

Defensively some great place, no doubt about it. But too many big plays given up to our opponents. Again we had a couple of situations where Kingsville was put in third and long either do to Mustang defense of plays or their own penalties and then we gave up a big third-down play and kept their drive alive. If you look at the box score you’ll see that their top runners and receivers all had long plays well over 20 yards. In fact after it appeared that the Mustang offense was going to put together a drive, it was stopped in on the very first play by Kingsville they got a 54 yard touchdown pass.

You have to last week’s performance by the defense and not giving up any big plays, the Mustangs gave up way too many big plays. If you look at the majority of the game, the Mustang defense really played pretty well but just could not play consistently once again. Neither could the offense. Too many times it looked like we were putting together drives that would end up in points but we just could not get it done. Clearly going on the road to be Kingsville and then beating West Texas A&M was going to be a tall order but it was within our grasp. When you factor in that West Texas A&M got clobbered in their game this weekend had we beat Kingsville I would’ve put the odds on Western New Mexico to win both of their last games.

The loss guarantees the Western New Mexico will once again fall short of any type of winning record. They could have won the last two games and gotten over 500 in the Lone Star conference portion of their record which would be fairly impressive in our first year as a member of the Lone Star conference.

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